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Saberware developed a UPS Tracking program that allows the user to track UPS shipments.  We worked with a UPS representative using their latest shipping software to develop this package.

We setup an ODBC DSN that links directly to the customer's live accounting data.  Using the UPS software, the user scans the Picking Ticket.  The UPS software has a live link that pulls in the Shipping Name and Address into the UPS software and places that information into the appropriate lines.  The user weighs each package and ships it out.  The UPS package information is then sent electronically to UPS to be processed and tracked.  UPS then creates corresponding entries in a shared database that allows us access to the tracking information.

When the user selects the Sales Order to be invoiced, the individual shipping charges are totaled up and entered into the Sales Order as a Freight Line automatically.

Customer service uses the below program to track UPS shipments.


When the user can track individual boxes or the complete shipment using the Track It or the Track All buttons respectively.  By clicking one of the buttons, the user is taken directly to the UPS electronic tracking via their Internet browser.  The UPS site can track up to 25 packages at one time.


Key Benefits

Live links between the Accounting and UPS software.
Enables Customer Service to track the status of orders once they have left the Customer's site.
Total UPS Freight charges automatically entered into the Accounting Software.

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